Trusted Audiology Professionals

Serving Families for over 50 years

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Trusted Audiology Professionals

Serving Families for over 50 years

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Welcome to Family Hearing Center

We truly believe that better hearing leads to a better life.

Family Hearing Center continues to provide the most advanced diagnostic services and amplification technology to benefit hearing-impaired patients and their families. With 100 years of combined experience, the licensed audiologists at Family Hearing Center are the most experienced audiology group in the area, currently providing services for hearing impaired individuals from birth to over 100 years of age.

Whether your hearing health care needs are a complete exam, a hearing aid clean and check, a new hearing aid evaluation, or anything in between, we promise to provide you with exceptional care as we enhance your hearing.

James Zeigler, Au.D.


Tracy Chorpenning, Au.D.


Jamie Daigle, Au.D.


Makaela Rinehimer, Au.D.


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See what people are saying about Family Hearing Center

  • Harry D.

    I became a patient of Dr. Johnston in 2008 and purchased my first hearing aids. I have upgraded twice since then, to my newest ones in December 2017. The latest ones are amazing, and they link to my smartphone. I moved away from the area in 2014 and now live 50 miles away, but I am still a patient of Family Hearing Center. The service I have received is the reason I am willing to travel the 50 miles.

    Harry D.

  • Richelle S.

    Dr. Knecht was so friendly and helpful. She took the time to explain our daughter’s hearing impairment. We are forever grateful for her help and the caring staff at Family Hearing Center.

    Richelle S.

  • Neil Williams

    You all really do a service for mankind. My hearing aids have improved the quality of my life, and I would not be able to function as well without them. You really are helping so many people, improving their souls, and it's a wonderful thing.

    Neil W.

  • Keith R. Kleinman

    I’ve had (significant) hearing loss since I was quite young, and I was referred to Family Hearing Center approximately 18 (I think 1999?) years ago! When one wears hearing aids, service is crucial, and in my opinion FHC is nothing less than outstanding! Several months ago, Dr. Jill S. Knecht suggested to me a BAHA hearing device, and today I am extremely pleased to say now I notice sounds I lost well over 50 years ago! I have been and continue to be very happy with Family Hearing Center!

    Keith K.

  • Juanita H. Smart

    I have never had such outstanding service until I started going to Zeigler Family Hearing Center! By far the kindest and most caring staff I have ever seen! Dr. Judith Johnston is amazing and the most understanding and patient audiologist I have ever been to.

    My new hearing aids have made such a significant difference in my life and have given me a renewed confidence in myself. I was able to successfully complete a training program for a new job that I otherwise would have had unnecessary struggles with. My ReSound hearing aids are awesome... I can hear music clearly again, and people around me don't have to shout just so that I can hear them. I no longer live in a bubble!

    Juanita S.

  • Virginia O.

    Everyone at the office is kind and patient. You don't have to wait for an appointment, they will get you in. The kindness keeps me coming back. This is the place to come.

    Virginia O.

  • Jacque M.

    When we found out about our son's severe hearing loss, we were devastated. Dr. Knecht has been so kind, compassionate, and informative. We couldn't ask for a better doctor and facility!

    Jacque M.

  • Everyone at Family Hearing Center is kind and professional.

    Richard G.

  • I feel I can provide some firsthand advice for anyone who is concerned about their hearing health. My mother is 90 years old and has been a patient of Dr. Judith Johnston at Family Hearing Center for several years. My mother’s ability to hear and understand normal conversations was severely diminished and she was reluctant to accept the possibility that she could be helped. With some hesitation she had her first appointment with Dr. Johnston. The Dr.’s calm and sincere demeanor quickly won my mom’s confidence and convinced her that she was now under the care of a true professional who would do everything possible to restore her hearing to the best possible level. After testing, examination, and being fitted with the proper hearing aids; my mom again rejoined the world she had not been a part of for so long. Her interest and alertness is vastly improved, as well as quality of life.

    My mom and our family owe Dr. Johnston and Family Hearing Center our deep gratitude for bringing back her ability to cope with the everyday situations most of us take for granted.

    Mike K. & Family

  • She worked really well with my son. He has some difficulties with fear of doctors and she just made him feel totally comfortable. He even hugged her.

    Mamadou Z.

  • The high-tech office and staff helped confirm my concerns and recommended options that will help me stay independent at 91 years young. Dr. Zeigler is the best!

    Muriel C.

  • I like their kindness.

    Colston G.

  • We felt comfortable with our old doctor, but we wanted more service options. After working with Dr. Zeigler, we found that there were services that were not offered at my former audiologists. Dr. Zeigler knew just what we needed, and we've been seeing him ever since.

    Paul S.

  • People no longer have to speak loudly. Everything that I speak is at a decent tone. I get compliments about my hearing aid.

    Catherine S.

  • Like getting new molds for my ears.
    - Age 8

    Joey B.

  • These hearing aids have changed my life. I wouldn't have admitted this before, but if I hadn't gotten hearing aids, I would have had to retire. Now I'm able to do my job well, and I just signed a contract to work a few more years! Thank you for changing my life.
    - wearing Oticon mini RITEs


  • The hearing aids I received from you are the best I've had in my lifetime so far. I totally love the FM system and using the boot for FM. I also love the size of the hearing aids. Also the t-switch (I use for the phone) helps! Thanks.

    Mrs. P.

  • I love the ear plugs. I haven't had any problems. It does feel a little weird that they're not all the way in, but they work great. So I just wanted to thank you, and yes I'm telling my musician friends to come and see you.

    Allen M.

  • My life has totally changed. When I left your office that day, I was able to hear the birds sing, and I was able to hear my footsteps. I started to cry! These hearing devices have also changed my families' lives as well. They can speak to me in a more normal way. My husband is very happy to not have to repeat a question to me.

    Kay O.

  • I can't get over the fact that I lived 10 years with my hearing loss. I now tell everyone about my life changing experience and urge anyone who has hearing loss to get help.

    Michael A.

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